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Pastor Care


No pastor should ever walk alone.


Garth Leno

Pastor Care Team Leader

Pastor Care

The goal of the CNBC is to establish a healthy, multiplying church in every community across Canada. To that end we are committed to encourage pastors so they can focus on making healthy, multiplying disciples. 


We believe healthy, gospel-centred churches are possible only when served by healthy leaders. For those who pastor in the CNBC, we provide a team of people who intentionally focus on the spiritual and emotional health of our front-line leaders.


Our Pastor Care team seeks to facilitate the connection of pastors and wives to other ministry couples, respond to special needs as they arise, and express genuine appreciation for their selfless and sacrificial work. 


Through events, resources, and community building with other CNBC leaders, our pastors will know they are needed, loved, and not walking alone.

Pastoral Care Champions

BC - Pastor Ray Woodard -
AB - Pastor Dustin Conner -
SK - Pastor Steve Fish -
MB - Pastor Brad Williams -
QC - Pastor Jean-Marc Princivil -
       - Myra Nali Princivil -

ON - Pastor Francisco - & 
       - Maria Ordaz -
ATL - Pastor Josh Docksteader- &
           Pastor Steve Savage -


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