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Great Commission Offering

What is the Great Commission Offering?

The Great Commission Offering (GCO) is our annual CNBC missions offering that provides the opportunity for every church to participate in sending international missionaries from Canada, planting new churches all across Canada, and strengthening our existing churches within Canada.


Think of it this way. Just like churches encourage disciples to demonstrate biblical faith in giving their "first fruit" through both tithes and offerings, Cooperative Program giving could be thought of as first fruit, or a church's "tithe," and the Great Commission Offering could be thought of a church's "offering."


Where does the money go?

Every dollar of our Great Commission Offering is distributed in the following three ways:

  • 50% toward the sending of international missionaries (IMB - also known as the Lottie Moon Offering).

  • 25% toward the starting of new churches (Send Network - also known as the Annie Armstrong Offering).

  • 25% toward the strengthening of CNBC churches.


When is the offering usually taken?

The majority of our CNBC churches set a Christmas goal and then build a year-end “Christmas missions offering campaign” for GCO.

What would be a good GCO giving goal for our church?

Many CNBC churches have a GCO giving campaign goal of 3-5% of their church's annual undesignated giving. Every year the Missions Team provides CNBC churches with digital resources to assist you in your giving campaign.


How do we give to the Great Commission Offering?

There are three ways churches and individuals can give through the Great Commission Offering: bank e-transfers, cheques, or credit cards. 


1) E-transfers:


For Churches:

  1. E-transfer to

  2. In the "notes" section, indicate Great Commission Offering and your church name.

For Individuals:

  1. E-transfer to

  2. In the "notes" section, indicate Great Commission Offering and your name, address with postal code, and email.

2) Cheques:

Churches and individuals may write a cheque made out to the Canadian National Baptist Convention or CNBC. It is helpful if your church includes a contribution form as this helps us know how you would like to direct the funds. In the memo line of the cheque, write "Great Commission Offering (GCO)." 

3) Credit Cards:

Give through the Great Commission Offering

Gifts under $20 CAD will not be issued an official CRA tax receipt.


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Great Commission Offering

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