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Affiliation Process

Affiliating with the CNBC

Perhaps you're exploring the possibility of linking arms with CNBC's Kingdom > Gospel > Movement. The following five (5) questions should help guide your decision making.

1. Are you aligned with the vision and mission of CNBC?

2. Are you in agreement in maintaining a culture of interdependence as described  in the Church to Church Covenant?

3. Are you in agreement with financially participating in CNBC's global mission through regular percentage giving through the Cooperative Program and an annual giving campaign to Great Commission Offering?

4. Are your beliefs and practices in harmony with CNBC's Statement of Faith?

5. Does your church have a constitution and bylaws available for submission to the CNBC's Credential Committee?

If 'Yes' is your answer for the above five questions, please contact the CNBC Regional Ministry Leader in your region. 

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