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Going on Mission

Making Jesus known
to all nations


Cesar Parra

International Mission Board Team Lead (BC-MB)

Otey Enoch_edited.png

Otey Enoch

International Mission Board Team Lead (ON-Atlantic)

Going on Mission

The world’s greatest problem is death through sin, and the world’s only solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The CNBC, in partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB), sends missionaries around the world to make Jesus known to all people groups. 

For some, the idea of bringing the life-giving news of the Gospel to parts of the world where people are desperately searching for hope is a thought that continually stirs the heart.

Perhaps this describes you. 

If so, understanding the varied missionary options available, gaining awareness of the process of being appointed as a missionary, and knowing the personal requirements for being sent becomes essential.


Step 1: Pray to confirm your call

Step 2: Communicate your calling with your pastor

Step 3: Contact your CNBC mission team leader:
Cesar (BC-MB) or Otey (ON-Atlantic) 

Step 4: Interview with your CNBC mission team leader

Step 5: If approved, your CNBC mission team leader
will contact IMB to begin the application process

Step 6: IMB will begin entire application process

Step 7: Once approved by the IMB, you will be trained and sent


Join us in making Jesus known to all nations! 

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