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In some of the most emotionally intense and spiritually fraught circumstances, chaplains bring the light of Christ.

Chaplaincy can be a powerful gospel opportunity with both full and part-time ministry opportunities.  


As a full-time chaplain you can pour your life into the lives of men and women in many different settings, such as in the Canadian Armed Forces, hospitals, prisons or in the marketplace. It is a unique opportunity to be in a setting that allows you to engage people with the gospel who may never enter a church.  


Also, as a pastor or church planter there are opportunities in part-time roles in most of these settings. It can be a great way to supplement your salary in a very meaningful ministry setting.  The Canadian Armed Forces has part-time reserve chaplain positions all across Canada in the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army, and the Royal Canadian Air Force reserves. 


There are also other opportunities to serve as marketplace chaplains and in hospitals. As a part-time chaplain this ministry gets you out into your community in ways that can be exciting and give you the opportunity to really impact lives.  


Chaplains that are from the CNBC can be endorsed through the North American Mission Board Chaplaincy in either full-time or part-time roles. A CNBC endorsement is needed to serve as a Canadian Armed Forces Chaplain whether full or part-time positions. The NAMB Chaplaincy ministry can help you determine your calling into one of these ministries as well as provide support to chaplains as they serve God in these many roles.  

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