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Seven regions, one family.

Our Gatherings

How does a family of churches that are scattered throughout 10 provinces and 2 territories, separated by 6 different time-zones and over 7000 kilometres of highway (east to west) ever manage to get together? 


Very strategically.


To that end, we’re piloting something new. It's a 3-year cycle.


Year 1: 2024 - Seven Regional Gatherings


On Saturday, October 19th, we are simultaneously gathering in seven (7) locations for a combined Regional and National celebration. It is our hope that every CNBC church and their leadership will physically gather regionally as we digitally link our arms together across Canada as we celebrate, worship, pray, listen to God’s Word proclaimed, and make Kingdom revealing decisions. 


The following are locations and times in your time-zone to register for your Regional Gathering:


CNBC Westcoast - TBD

CNBC Alberta - TBD

CNBC Saskatchewan - Faith Baptist Church

CNBC Manitoba - Joy Fountain Church

CNBC Ontario - Morningstar Christian Fellowship

CNBC Quebec - TBD

CNBC Atlantic Canada - Community Bible Chapel


Year 2: 2025 - Seven Regional Gatherings


Simultaneously meeting in seven locations on Saturday, October 18th, 2025


Year 3 - 2026. The Gathering 


October 20-22, 2026 - St. Johns, Newfoundland


This is our big CNBC palooza. Hundreds of churches gathering together on mile one of the TransCanada highway celebrating the movement that God is doing all across our nation. 


Please plan today on budgeting for your church’s leadership to be a part of this historic event.


The Gathering 2024 - Kingdom Come
The Gathering 2024 - Kingdom Come
Oct 19, 2024, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Various locations
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