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Theological Education

Training Leaders for Tough Places

Dr. Rob Blackaby

President and
Professors of Ethics

Theological Education

Perhaps you’re sensing a need to deepen your theological understanding while at the same time sharpen your practical ministry tools. 


The Canadian Baptist Theological (CBT) Seminary and College exists to train God-called men and women for twenty-first century leadership in tough places. Its culture is designed to foster in the next generation of leaders a desire to go into difficult places, and to courageously face the challenges that confront us there.

Whether you are preparing for vocational or co-vocational ministry, or simply seeking to deepen your knowledge of God’s Word, there is a place for you at the CBT. We offer a wide range of degree options, as well as flexible learning options (on campus or online) to suit your needs. 

Here are some of the College and Seminary programs that you might find helpful…


Canadian Baptist Theological College (CBT) is committed to providing high quality teaching in a warm, supportive environment both for students well on their way to Christian service and for those just beginning to discover who they are in Christ. Gaining knowledge, developing skills, and being shaped in Christian character are all part of the experience at CBT.


CBTS offers four Master’s level degree programs. We have two ministerial leadership degrees, Master of Divinity and Master of Christian Ministry. Both of these degrees can be earned either fully on campus or by online learning.

We also offer two general theological studies degrees, Master of Biblical Studies and Master of Christian Studies. Both can be earned either on campus or 100% online. Learn more about our online options.

Prior to enrolling in the seminary applicants must have successfully earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Degrees from unaccredited schools will be considered on an individual basis.

Whether preparing to serve the Lord in some vocational ministry or just deepening their own knowledge and appreciation of the Christian faith, on campus or in a virtual classroom, students learn in a community that values academic excellence, practical training, and commitment to Christ as Lord.

“We're committed to investing in the lives of men and women who will be used by God to help people understand His Word and how to apply His Word in today's complex world.” - Dr. Rob Blackaby, President of Canadian Baptist Theological (CBT)


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