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Cuban Connection... Team Preparation

Updated: Jun 12


The following is a realistic timeline you may want to consider in planning your team's trip to Cuba:

6+ months prior to trip - Begin planning details of your trip. Including preferred dates and type of ministry. Contact Jason Vanover right away to ensure that there is no conflict with other teams with your dates and to obtain Religious Visa application forms. Email Jason Vanover.

4-5 months prior to trip - Finalize dates and type of ministry

3.5 months prior to trip - Finalize team members who will be joining team (never larger than 10 people) and submit completed Visa Application Forms for each team member to Jason Vanover at Note: Visa application must be submitted no later than 3.5 months before your team's departure date and no other names will be added or substituted once the applications have been submitted.

3 months prior to trip - Begin regular team meetings to pray, prepare, and bond together. In the early meetings, be sure to go through Orientation Package and other resources listed below.

1-3 months prior to trip - Book plane tickets. It is up to you if you when you book your flights. Visas vary in processing time, but can take up to the full three months to receive. However, flight prices tend to rise as departure dates approach.



It is important to be sure that your church's team has a solid orientation before departing. An Orientation Package is being developed that will be helpful as your team prepares for your trip. Contact Jason Vanover for details and/or an electronic copy. 


Do not assume that any basic essentials will be available once you arrive on island. Plan to bring some essentials with you, including... Snacks (granola bars, etc), Toilet Paper, Toiletries, Extra Travel Size Soap & Shampoo, Bath Towel, Face Cloth, Bandana (or other article to wipe face in heat), Hand Sanitizer, Advil/Tylenol, etc.


It is imperative that your team have the proper entry visas and travel preparations. These take up to three months to obtain. For details and next steps in travel preparation, click here.


Consider having at least one person on the team who has an international plan on their cell phone. Use this as the primary emergency contact number for the team while in country. Current roaming rates in Cuba with Canadian cell phone companies are approximately $3/minute. International packages may be temporarily added to your monthly plan that can lower the cost of calls to around $1.50 per minute.

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