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CNBC seeks to maintain a culture of interdependence between a national identity and seven unique geographical regions. We believe that God's preferred future of a Kingdom > Gospel > Movement is best served when we choose to unite together, striving in a common direction. 

Our Regions:

CNBC Westcoast

CNBC Alberta

CNBC Saskatchewan

CNBC Manitoba

CNBC Ontario

CNBC Quebec

CNBC Atlantic

As a CNBC family of churches, we are praying that God will raise up 50 missionaries from with Canada who will share the hope of Jesus with unreached people groups across the world by October 19, 2026!  We asked our Regional Ministry Leaders from across Canada to set prayer goals for their regions, and this is what each region is praying for from now through October of 2026.

Region Prayer Goals:

CNBC Westcoast - 14 missionaries

CNBC Alberta - 14 missionaries

CNBC Saskatchewan - 10 missionaries 

CNBC Manitoba - 8 missionaries

CNBC Ontario - 14 missionaries

CNBC Quebec - 14 missionaries

CNBC Atlantic - 6 missionaries

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